GBWhatsApp Disclaimer: Important Information Before Use

Disclaimer for GBWHATS.CC

This website provides information and resources related to GBWhatsApp, a modified version of the official WhatsApp application. It's important to understand the risks and limitations of using GBWhatsApp.

No Guarantees

  • We make no guarantees about the safety, reliability, or continued functionality of GBWhatsApp. It's an unofficial app and could stop working at any time. If it does, please download the updated version from our website.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences, including data loss or account bans, arising from using GBWhatsApp.

Potential Risks

  • WhatsApp's terms of service prohibit using modified versions of their app. Using GB WhatsApp could lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the official WhatsApp platform.

Protecting Your Account

  • We strongly recommend using GBWhatsApp with a secondary phone number, not your primary WhatsApp account. This helps minimize the risk of losing access to your main contacts and conversations.

External Links

  • While we may link to external websites offering GBWhatsApp downloads or related resources, we have no control over their content or safety practices. Proceed with caution when visiting any external sites.

No Affiliation

  • GBWHATS.CC is not affiliated with the official WhatsApp, Meta (formerly Facebook), or the developers of GBWhatsApp.


  • This disclaimer may be updated at any time. Please check back for the latest version.

Date of Last Revision: 05-03-2024

You acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer by using our website.