GB WhatsApp APK v17.85 Download (Updated) June 2024 Anti-Ban + Dark Mode

Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version for Android

Version 17.85 | Size 71.85 MB

Download now with extra features and Customizable layout. Like privacy & anti-ban protection, new stickers, hide last seen and auto reply.

Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version for Android

📢 The latest version of GBWhatsApp v17.85 for June 2024 has just been released!

We all used at least one app for messaging and share image or videos. GBWhatsapp is not your regular WhatsApp. It will level up your chatting experience. Light it up with new fonts, effects, and colours. You can customize the theme, share images in bulk. Also without losing quality share the large videos with friends and family. The upgrade process is quite easy. How to install it? please check our detailed instructions section where we showed how to upgrade it. So, let us find out what this new anti-bane GB WhatsApp Pro can do for you.

Have you ever been frustrated by WhatsApp's limits on file sizes? Tired of the same old look and feel? Are you worried about others seeing you when you're online? Those are the questions you have been asking yourself. GB WhatsApp APK v17.85 download breaks those barriers. Imagine sending huge videos without waiting. And style up with unique fonts that match your personality. Take back control and customize your messaging experience to the fullest! Finally, I will also share the features I like personally.

 Frustrated by the WhatsApp Ban? We've Got You Covered! 

GB WhatsApp Banned Issue Fixed

We know how annoying it is to see that "You need the official WhatsApp to log in" message. Lot of users are getting the same message.

Good News: We Have a Fix for GB WhatsApp v17.85, June - 2024!

Our team has worked nonstop to create a new, secure version that won't get you banned. We've cracked the code to help you get back into your account smoothly. Plus, all your old chats will still be there!

 Important Note:  If your account was banned recently, you might need to wait 1-2 hours before trying to log in. Once you're back in, keep using our anti-ban version for a while to avoid getting blocked again.

We're Here For You!

We believe you should be able to use GB WhatsApp the way you want. That's why we're constantly working to find solutions and keep your account safe.If you still got issue, please contact us via email, and we will make sure to fix the issue.

We are going to share every useful information related to GB WhatsApp and its experience. Read the complete article to get more idea about it, how to use it, old and new features, and how to update it.

Features of GB WhatsApp

Message Scheduler

Automate sending for birthdays, reminders, or business

Anti-Delete Protection

View messages and statuses others thought they erased

Share Without Limits

Send huge files and up to 80 images at once.


Design your GB WhatsApp with unlimited themes and fonts

Built-in Translator

Chat with anyone, regardless of language barriers


GB whatsapp download & Hide online status, typing indicators, and more

What is GB Whatsapp Pro v17.85?

GB Whatsapp is an unofficial and modified version with extra features. You will not find those features in regular WhatsApp. Features like changing the look and feel of WhatsApp. You can hide your online status even when you are online. You can send large files using this app. You can use both apps at the same time and don't need to remove one.

Features GBWhatsApp Pro v17.85 WhatsApp
Conversations Yes Yes
Max File Transfer Size 999MB 100MB
Displaying Last Seen Yes No
Theme Customizations Yes No
Status Character Limit 255 139
In-built App Security Yes No
Save Others' Statuses Yes No
Message Deletion Yes No
Messaging Capability Yes No
Automated Response Yes No
Update of App Icon Yes No
Chat Forwarding None Up to 5 Chats
Personalized Typeface Options Yes No
Excluding Media from Device Gallery Yes No
Images Original Quality Yes No
Read Receipts Yes No
Delivery Receipts Yes No
Do Not Disturb Yes No
Emoji Sets Yes No
Persistent Online Status Option Yes No
Web Images Yes No
Stealth Mode for Typing Indicator Yes No
Multiple Languages Yes No

Important: Since GB WhatsApp isn't an official app, there's a risk it could cause security problems. Be careful if you decide to use it. Always download GB from trusted sources ( and focus on getting the latest, updated version. 

GB Whatsapp Customization Features:

Customizable Themes

Tired of the same old chat look? Transform your chats with tons of awesome themes! Change colors, backgrounds, and even the shapes of your chat bubbles. Show off your personality and make every conversation special.

Custom Chat Bubbles

Make your conversations extra fun with custom chat bubbles! Change the shape and color of your chat bubbles for a unique look.

Fonts and Text Styles

Download GB WhatsApp Pro to choose different fonts and styles to match your phone's main theme, and you can also select different colors.

Custom App Icon

Change the app icon on your phone's home screen for a personalized touch.

Privacy and Control Features with GB Whatsapp v17.85:

Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks, Online Status

With GB APK you can hide your last seen, so no one can see when you are online.  Hide when you were last online, turn off double check mars, and show offline when you want.

Lock App with Password

You can use the lock app feature to set a password for your app. This is a very useful feature. So only you can opent the app and no one else.

Block Chat Screenshots

Turn this feature from the settings, so no one can take screenshot from your chat.

Green Ticks After Receiving Messages

Control when those 'read' ticks turn green, giving you time to think of a reply before the other person knows.

Anti-Delete Messages

See messages that your contacts have deleted! Satisfy your curiosity and never miss a thing.

Hide Chat Conversations

Need to keep certain chats extra secure? Make them disappear from your main chat list. Only you'll know how to find them!

Freeze Last Seen

Make it look like you last visited online a while ago, even if you have!

Hide Media from Gallery

Keep photos and videos sent in chats from automatically appearing in your phone's gallery.

DND Mode with Customization

Need to focus? Block notifications for specific chats or contacts. Customize your 'Do Not Disturb' mode for ultimate quiet.

Private GBWhatsApp Account

Create a separate, hidden account within the app! e.g. profile for school, for family. Perfect for extra privacy or managing multiple profiles.

Hide Chats

Keep certain conversations completely hidden. They'll only reappear when you enter a secret passcode.

Hide View Status Privacy

Want to check out someone's status without them knowing? Stay sneaky and watch any status without leaving a trace.

GB WhatsApp Download

GB Whatsapp v17.85 Enhanced Messaging Features:

Auto Reply to Messages

Busy or away from your phone? Set up automatic replies! Let your friends know you'll get back to them soon without having to type a thing.

Schedule Messages

Remember a birthday or important reminder again! Write messages in advance and schedule them to be sent automatically at the perfect time.

Language Translation

Chat with friends around the world! Translate messages directly within the app for seamless communication.

Doodle Images

Get creative! Draw or write directly on images before sending them for a personal touch.


Add a touch of fun to your chats with loads of cool stickers! Express yourself without typing a word.

Text Scheduling

Schedule specific lines of text to appear in a chat later – perfect for reminders or surprises.

Mark Chats as Unread

Download GB Whatsapp pro to mark chats as unread and come back to a conversation later. Mark it as unread so you remember.

Increased Sharing Limits Features List:

Increased Media Sharing Limit

Ever tried sending a big video or loads of photos only to get frustrated? Unlock super-sized sharing! Send huge videos without cutting them up and blast off tons of photos in a flash.

Send 90 Images at Once

Are you sharing a whole bunch of photos? Save time sending them in small groups! Send up to 90 images in a single go and impress your friends.

Increased Status Video Limit

Do you have a cool video to share in your status, but it needs to be shorter? Post longer videos and let everyone see the whole story.

Send Audio up to 100MB

Share your favorite songs or record lengthy voice messages with bigger file sizes. But we are hoping they will increase this limit soon.

No Crop Image

Want to send a profile picture without cutting it down? Send images without any weird cropping.

Send Files up to 50MB

Got a big document or presentation to share? Send larger files without any hassle.

Group Chat Power Features:

Add 600 Members to Groups

Planning a big event or reunion? Create massive group chats with up to 600 people!

Send Documents up to 2GB

Share huge files with ease! Send presentations, videos, or any other type of document, no matter the size.

Pin Important Chats

Keep important conversations (friends or work) front and center. Pin them for easy access and to avoid losing them in a sea of chats.

Broadcast up to 250 Users

Blast out a message to loads of contacts at once! Perfect for announcements or group updates. Also, you can add more than 250 contact and start broadcast wtih them.

GB Whatsapp Convenience and Personalization Features:

Copy Status of Others

See a cool quote or funny status posted by a friend? Easily copy it to your status with just a few taps.

VoIP Calling Support

Make voice calls directly within the app using your internet connection (home network or data). I prefer calling instead sending the long message.

Show Internet Usage

Keep track of how much data the app is using. If we are on home network, normally we do not care about it. But if we are on data then this option is going to help.

Customize Notification Bar

Control how notifications appear at the top of your phone's screen. This is a good option to match the style with phone theme.

Add 250+ Contact Names

With GB Whatsapp you can now add up to 250 contacts. Keep track of many friends, family, or business contacts easily.

Custom Notifications

Know who's messaging you without even looking at your phone! Set different notification sounds for different friends.

Video Calling

Skip regular phone calls and make video calls right from your chats! See your friends and family face-to-face, no matter where they are.

Dark Mode

Give your eyes a break! Switch to a sleek dark theme for easier viewing, especially at night.

GB Whatsapp Extra Security Features:

Delete Messages Remotely

Oops, have I sent a message to the wrong person? Delete it from their phone even after they've seen it.

Share Live Location for 60 Days

Let friends or family track your location in real time for up to 60 days. Great for safety or coordinating meetups. We all need this option, normally I used it when I am on traveling.

Download GB WhatsApp v17.85

How to download GB WhatsApp latest version 17.85?

Learn how to download gbwhatsapp

Here are the steps to download and install GBWhatsApp on your device in 2024:

  1. Make sure you have enough space available on your device. Or you can use the external SD card.
  2. Go to your phone's Settings > Security > and toggle on "Unknown Sources" to allow installations from outside official app stores.
  3. Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp v17.85 from a trusted source. You can find the download link on our website.
  4. Once downloaded, locate the APK file (usually in your "Downloads" folder or in the apk files folder) and tap on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Open the GBWhatsApp pro apk and set up your account just like you would with regular WhatsApp. Simply add your number and it's ready to use.

GB Whatsapp download old version

You can download old versions of GB WhatsApp from our secure download page. We keep a complete archive for anyone who needs a specific previous version. Here's why you might want an older version:

  • Compatibility: If you have an older phone, newer versions of GB WhatsApp might not work well on your device. You will need to download the older version.
  • Missing Features: Sometimes, new versions remove features you like. Get an older version to keep those features. In case you like some feature and are not seeing it in the new version. Please let us know. We will try to add it back.
  • Preference: Maybe you just prefer the way an older version looked and worked. In that case, you will need to re-download the older version.

Download old GB WhatsApp versions here: Old Version Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

It's not the official, so there's always some risk. Make sure you download it from a trusted source. You can download it from our website. As we always check before uploading on site.

Could I get banned for using GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp has anti-ban features to help reduce the risk. So download it now without any ban issue.

Can I transfer my chats from WhatsApp to it?

Yes, but you'll need to back up your old chats and carefully follow the transfer instructions.

Is GB WhatsApp available for iPhones?

Not directly. You might find ways to use it with special software, but it's mainly designed for Android phones.

How do I keep it up-to-date?

You won't find updates on the app store. You'll need to download the latest version v17.85 from our website where you got it for the month of June, 2024.

Can I use GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp at the same time?

Yes! GBWhatsApp's dual account feature lets you have two WhatsApp accounts running on the same phone.

Is GBWhatsApp free?

Yes, it's completely free to download and use. Please visit our download section, to download the GB WA free.

Where can I find help and support for GBWhatsApp?

There's no official support team. But on our website, you can find all information about it. How to download, how to update. Always download the latest version v17.85, June - 2024.